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Project Description
WpfCollections help in WPF MVVM scenarios, resolving some of common problems and tasks:
- delayed CurrentChange in ListCollectionView,
- generate random subset of a collection,
- have source and destination collections bound together

Project consists of the following collections:
  • LazyCurrentCollectionView - resolves problem with binding, when you want to have a delay in CurrentChanged event. There is an example provided in the source code.
  • RandomizedCollectionView - allows you to bind to randomly chosen subset of items in the collection.
  • SplitCollectionView - helps in scenarios when you have two lists of objects: assigned and available. For example it might be an user view, where you grant and revoke privilages (see code provided) or game weapon selection scenario (see the following table)

Available weapons Chosen weapons
Sword Mace

  • MultiSplitCollectionView - similar to SplitCollectionView, but supports up to 3 source lists. In the example with user grants - this collection allows you to have available privilages split into three categories.

Available iron weapons Available wooden weapons Chosen weapons
Sword Stick Mace

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